Registration for GPENdialogue

GPENdialogue is available to all members of GPENreformation and the partner institutions for joint global projects and/or e-learning offers. The registration is a little bit different.

For schools/institutions or groups of people aged 14 and over:

For each group, a group leader (a teacher, head of school, speaker) is appointed to administer the group. If necessary, other persons with supervisory functions can be nominated.

The main contact person fills in the attached table with the contact details of the group members at
The institution is created and the persons are added. All group members are contacted and receive their access data to the platform.

The first time they visit the site, the participants consent to the further processing of their data. The consent is voluntary and can be revoked at any time. However, the platform cannot be used without this consent. The personal information entered will be deleted. 

For schools with group members under the age of 14:

The registration takes place exclusively via a responsible contact person (usually a teacher).

It must be ensured that the legal guardians agree with the processing of the personal data of the participants. This can be done by signing an appropriate form, which is signed by the legal guardian and sent by the teacher in digital form together with the completed table with the contact data of the participants to
The teacher keeps the originals. If the consent to the processing of data is already covered by another consent available to the school, this can also be submitted. If data processing is permitted on local legal basis, proof of this is sufficient.

The students receive their access data to the platform at the e-mail address provided.

Individual registrations

The age limit for individual registrations is the legal age of majority (18 years of age).

Please select the 'Login' option on the home page and then select the 'Registration' option. Please fill in the form with your institution's details. If the institution has already been created, the responsible contact person or the corresponding project partner will be asked to confirm your registration. Your profile will then be added to the corresponding institution and access to the projects will be granted. Here, too, we ask you to accept the terms of use on your first visit.


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