About us

Almost 800 Protestant schools, universities and educational organizations worldwide have joined forces in recent years to form the "Global Pedagogical Network - Joining in Reformation" (GPENreformation). Despite various Protestant denominations, the members refer to their common roots in the Reformation and develop them further in a global exchange. The aim is to learn from and with one another, to support good education and to live worldwide solidarity.

In its self-understanding GPENreformation takes as forum a mediator role for communication among the participating educational facilities, federations, associations and organizations. It offers both enriching exchanges and personal encounters for teaching and administrative staff as well as for students. With the help of God's philanthropy and the joy of global diversity, fears of the foreign are to be overcome.

In order to cater for the large number of actors among the 800 members, GPENreformation is increasingly focusing on digital communication and digital learning. In addition to the established website www.gpenreformation.net, the learning platform "GPENdialogue" was therefore developed. It offers an open space for exchange, cooperation, project and partnership development, which operationalizes, makes tangible and usable the great added value of digitization for schools, teaching and networking. GPENdialogue does not want to replace personal encounters; rather, the platform aims to promote and strengthen sustainable global relationships through digital communication.

GPENdialogue is continuously developed and expanded with the participation of users in order to be an important contact point for projects and partnerships between Protestant educational institutions from all over the world in the long term.